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Duck pond - Blacksburg, VA

Duck pond is a pretty little pond in Blacksburg town. You actually can see ducks there. There's is a trail by the pond too. Usually a lot of people walk and run on the trail.

It is not far from the city and still a nice and calm environment.
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Joe's trees farm - Newport, VA

We visited Joe's trees farm on a sunny Saturday in October 2016.

We took a hay ride costing $1 per person to a pumpkin patch. The ride was about 5 - 10 mins and the scenery was nice.

It had a corn maze too.

We bought two pumpkins for the Halloween and some delicious Christmas Jam too.
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Cascade Falls, VA

We moved from Bloomington, IN to Blacksburg, VA in Aug 2016.

Soon after moving here we visited Cascade falls in Pembroke, VA which has a 2miles scenic hike.

The hike is not hard. It may become hard if you have to carry your toddler as strollers wont help in most part of the trail.

The trail was very scenic. It runs along the crystal clear creek from the falls.

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Dollywood, TN

We visited Dollywood, Tennessee in Christmas 2015. We have visited Tennessee before but never got a chance to visit Dollywood. This time we could visit with our friends in Knocksville.

The park was really pretty with all the christmas lights. We took few thrilling rides and our son enjoyed lots of rides in kid's park.

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Hot Springs National Park, AR (Trip to Texas - Day 09)

We were on our way home from Texas and we decided to visit Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

It was almost 5pm when we reach there. There were few hot water springs but I think the hot springs in "Madunagala, Sri Lanka" I've visited, are larger and better. There are massive bath houses built around the springs though.

Anyway we enjoyed two scenic roads nearby. The sunset was so beautiful.

We stayed the night in "Little rock" and headed home next day.
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Krause Springs, TX

Krause Springs is another great swim hole near Austin. It was open for swimming when we visit but no one did because it was November I guess. It was bit cold for swimming.

However the small water fall and the swim hole surrounded by the huge trees made a really beautiful scenary.

We saw a water snake too. 

Then we left to The Oasis near lake Travis for lunch (Food was not that great. There weren't many choices. The location was good though).

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Hamilton Pool (Trip to Texas - Day 08)

Hamilton pool preserve is a must to witness if you visit Austin. It is in dripping springs and takes less than 1 hr to drive there from Austin. It includes a beautiful waterfall and a swim hole.

The swim hole was closed when we visit due to bacteria content. The river area also was closed because of flooding damage. Still, the waterfall was amazing. You could walk behind the fall and it looks like a water curtain if the water level is high.

After spending as much time we want, we left the pool to visit Krause Springs.

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