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Krause Springs, TX

Krause Springs is another great swim hole near Austin. It was open for swimming when we visit but no one did because it was November I guess. It was bit cold for swimming.

However the small water fall and the swim hole surrounded by the huge trees made a really beautiful scenary.

We saw a water snake too. 

Then we left to The Oasis near lake Travis for lunch (Food was not that great. There weren't many choices. The location was good though).

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Hamilton Pool (Trip to Texas - Day 08)

Hamilton pool preserve is a must to witness if you visit Austin. It is in dripping springs and takes less than 1 hr to drive there from Austin. It includes a beautiful waterfall and a swim hole.

The swim hole was closed when we visit due to bacteria content. The river area also was closed because of flooding damage. Still, the waterfall was amazing. You could walk behind the fall and it looks like a water curtain if the water level is high.

After spending as much time we want, we left the pool to visit Krause Springs.

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Zilker Botanical Garden, TX

Zilker botanical garden is located in the middle of Austin city. We entered the park right before it closes so we didn't have much time to look around.

We visited the rose garden, children's garden and we saw ponds full with water lilies too.

There was lot more to see but it was getting dark and they were about to close the park. Wish if we arrived little more earlier.

Again we had to stay inside in day 7 too but day 8 was totally free. So we decided to visit Hamilton pool that day.
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Austin Zoo (Trip to Texas - Day 06)

Austin zoo is actually an animal sanctuary. It is not that big and not built in an attractive way. However they do have lots of animal varieties and what they are doing is great too, helping the animal in need.

Another interesting activity was to feed deer and goats by hand. They provide food at a cost and we can feed them. The also offer a small train ride to see landscaping in the area.

We could see peacocks everywhere. They have a kangaroo too but it was really hard to spot him. The animal cages are really big (which is good) and also they are double netted. That's why it's so hard to see through them.

 However we enjoyed the visit.
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Our Lodge in Austin (Trip to Texas - Day 03)

We booked Habitat suites in Austin because we preferred a suite as we were going to stay there for a week.

It was a nice hotel. They had a big garden full with tropical plants, like banana, pomegranate and orange. It really is beautiful but the only drawback was lack of natural light inside rooms. Inside the suite, there's a kitchen, living room, bed room, bath room, 2 TVs. The kitchen utensils were minimal but adequate.

They provide a good quality breakfast too. Also, the staff was nice and friendly.

Day 4 and 5, we stayed inside because Saliya had to be in the conference all day for those 2 days. Next day, we got time in the afternoon so we payed a visit to the Austin zoo and Zilker botanical garden.
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Turner Falls, OK (Trip to Texas - Day 02)

Turner Falls park is located in Davis, Oklahoma. We arrived there by noon. It's kinda big park including many camping sites, two swim holes and waterfalls. The park was beautiful and attractive even in the Fall.

The swim holes were closed for the season and the fall area was closed for construction. Otherwise it would have been a nicer experience. Still, we could hike on many trails and see the beauty of nature.

This is a really great park for camping. We saw many tents near streams, bushes and inside the forest too.
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Fantastic Caverns, MO (Trip to Texas - Day 01)

Fantastic Caverns is located in Springfield, Missouri. It is the only ride through cave in USA. They offer a tractor ride inside the cave.

The cave was really pretty. It's not a big one like Mammoth cave, TN but it is really fantastic. Looked magical with the lights.

It was 4 pm when we arrived there and it was there last ride. They had only our family for that ride but still the guide/driver did a really good job explaining the things. We felt like the cave is all ours :)

We stayed at La Quinta in Claremore, OK that night. The hotel was newly built and super clean. The staff was fabulous too.

Our next day plan was to visit Turner falls and arrive in Austin.
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