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Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA

Monterey Bay aquarium is located in Monterey bay, CA.

This aquarium is one of the best ones I've seen. It is large and has many different varieties of fish and birds too.

Thea sea fish section was our favorite.

After seeing the aquarium, we headed to San Jose and stayed the night with our friends there. Next, day we flew back to Blacksburg, VA.
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McWay Falls, CA

McWay falls is said to be the only waterfall that falls to a sea beach. The trail is not a big one. It takes only 10-15 mins for the hike.

The fall is small but beautiful. The beach is inaccessible though. Then we took lunch from Nepenthe restaurant which had a gorgeous view. The food was not bad either.

Our next destination was Monterey bay aquarium.
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Big Sur (Trip to California - Day 06)

On day 06, we drove to San Jose via Highway 01. Big sur is a part of that highway. This is the most beautiful road I have seen in USA. You can get amazing views of the blue sea all the way through.

Also, not far from Cambria there is a place that seals come to the shore for sun bathing. The first picture shows the seals.

Along the road, there are many vista points too. It was gloomy and misty when we start the trip around 9 am but luckily it became sunny after a while. The scenary was gorgeous.

McWay waterfall is located on this route so we visited it too.
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Moonstone Beach, Cambria (Trip to California - Day 05)

On Day 05, we drove all the way from death valley to Cambria, CA. It was a long drive and we reached Cambria in the evening. Our lodge was near Moonstone beach.

We visited Moonstone beach just before the sun set.

Since it was winter, no one was at the beach.

Next day our plan was to drive back to San Jose via Big Sur
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Artist's Drive - Death Valley, CA

Artist's drive is a gorgeous winding road. It is located closed to Devil's golf course. You can see colorful rocks and hills while driving through this road. Artist's pallet is a must see place, shown in last picture.

I wish we had more time to spend in death valley. There is so much to see. However the sun set happened too soon and we had to go back to the lodge. Next day, we were planning to drive up to Cambria so we couldn't spend next day in death valley.
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Devil's Golf Course - Death Valley, CA

Devil's golf course in death valley is a strange place. Only a devil can play golf there :) The ground is so coarse and its hard to walk on it. The rocks are formed by salt and soil it seemed.

Our next point on interest was Artist's drive.
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Bad Water Basin - Death Valley, CA

Death valley is an amazing place to visit. It is so remote and separated from the busy world. It is basically a desert but definitely more than that.

There are many interesting places to visit in death valley. One of them is, bad water basin. It is the lowers point in USA, which is below sea level. 

You can sea salt formation in bad water basin. Then we visited Devil's golf course in death valley.
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