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Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone National Park, WY

Our next stop was Mammoth hot springs terrace. It was a bit long hike and the atmosphere was full of sulfur smell.

It is actually a natural wonder.

It is a large area and we couldn't cover the full trail. It was around 2 pm and we were really hungry. Then we turned back and had lunch from the hotel near by.

Then we headed to the canyon village.

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Gibbons Falls - Yellowstone National Park, WY

On the second day, we entered from West entrance and took left from Madison junction. On the way to Norris junction, we got down at Gibbons falls.

The fall was beautiful. We didn't spend much time there though. We tried to cover the park as much as possible on that day.

We left Gibbon's fall and stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs.

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Old Faithful Geyser - Yellowstone National Park, WY

Old Faithful geyser is an active geyser and the visitor center predicts the eruptions pretty accurately. It was raining  at the time so we went inside the visitor center to watch the eruption from the inside. However, the rain ceased a bit after a while and we could watch the eruption at the geyser itself.

The eruption lasts several minutes and it is a really wonderful scene to watch.

Before visiting old faithful, we tried to visit Black Sand basin too but we didn't get down there due to heavy rain.

After watching the eruption, we turned back and drove to the cabin. We prepared dinner at the cabin and it was past mid night when we go to sleep.
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Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park, WY

Grand Prismatic Spring is said to be a must see place in Yellowstone. It is located in Midway Geyser basin.

It was hard to find a parking spot there. Finally we got one and we started the short trail to the spring. The spring is magnificent. It is bit hard to see all the colors if the steam is too much but still it was radiant.

This trail also includes the Excelsior Geyser. This is not actively erupting geyser though. It is still beautiful with dark blue steaming water.

Our next stop was Old Faithful Geyser.
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Yellowstone National Park, WY (Trip to Yellowstone - Day 05 and Day 06)

We spent two days in Yellowstone and wish we were able to spend more time there. We didn't have time to see all the places and we missed visiting some places like Morning glory pool, Black river, etc.

For wild life, we saw many Bisons on the way. We saw one black bear too.

The first day was a rainy day so we had to turn back early. We entered to the park from West entrance and turned right from the Madison junction. The first stop was Fountain Paint pot but we didn't stop there because time was limited. We directly drove to Grand prismatic Spring.

This is an abstract map of Yellowstone national park.

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Wayfarers State Park, Montana (Trip to Yellowstone - Day 04)

In day 04, we drove from Whitefish, MT to to the cabin in Big sky, MT. On our way we stopped in Wayfarers state park. We had bought lunch on the way and we ate in the picnic area near the lake. The lake was named as Flathead lake.

The road to Big sky was also scenic. 

We arrived in our cabin in Big sky around mid night. Next day our plan was to  visit Yellowstone.
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Many Glacier - Glacier National Park, MT

It took another two hours to reach Many Glacier. That place was just magical. A crystal clear lake surrounded by bluish mountains was just gorgeous.

We had to drive 4 hours back to Big mountain lodge and our next day plan was to drive down to Bigsky, where we had booked a cabin from
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