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Grandfather Mountain, NC

Grandfather mountain is a state park located near Linville, NC.

You have to take the car to a parking lot up in the mountain and the scenery you can see during the drive is spectacular. The ticket is little bit pricey but I think it is reasonable considering how hard it is to maintain the park.
They give you a CD to play during the drive and it narrates with all the information about the park and it has nice relaxing music as well.

From the parking lot, you can cross a one mile high swinging bridge which leads you to another mountain and experience a breath taking scenery.

On the way down, we stopped at their food court for lunch and visited an animal sanctuary they maintain which was next to the food court. We saw many animals including brown bears :)


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Elk River Falls, NC

Elk river falls is located near Elk Park, North Carolina. You have to follow a small trail down the fall to get a glimpse of the water fall. Small kids can do the hike as well but parents should be cautious.

It is so relaxing to stare at the fall while sitting in front of it.

We came back to the cabin after having lunch from a restaurant hoping to visit Grandfather mountain next day.

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Trip to Banner Elk, NC

We visited Banner Elk, NC in spring break, 2018. We reserved a cabin there and spent two nights. The cabin was located in a mountain area. Surrounding was gorgeous as mountain tops were covered with little snow as well.

 The next day, we visited Elk River falls. 
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Idaho Falls, ID (Trip to Yellowstone - Day 07)

On day 07, we drove from Bigsky, MT to Salt lake city, UT. So we crossed Idaho state and visited Idaho falls.

The waterfall is man made one and was not that interesting to see. However it added beauty to the city center.

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Mud Volcano - Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Mud volcano is a wonderful thing to see.

It is like a mud spring with boiling swirling mud.

We wish we had more time to spend in Yellowstone but it was getting dark and we had to turn back to the cabin.
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Dragon's Mouth Spring - Yellowstone, WY

Dragon's mouth spring is another amazing place to see.

The spring which is inside a cave, contains of swirling hot water and you can hear a big explosion sound every 30 secs or so from inside the cave. 

Then we visited the mud volcano which is nearby.
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Hayden Valley - Yellowstone National Park, WY

We drove through Hayden valley when we come back from canyon village. People were watching with big telescopes but we didn't stop and spend much time there.

We saw few deer drinking water from the river. The Yellowstone river is flowing through the valley and that was a really beautiful scenery.

Then we stopped on the shore of Yellowstone lake near the natural bridge.

We stopped at Dragon's mouth and mud volcano too.
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